I and You



A black and white film photo series and maquette for a photo book exploring our relationship with our and others’ likeness. 

It tries to ask the questions: How do we look at ourselves and others in a digital age? How do selfies change our actions? What are things do we do when we’re looking in the mirror? What do we hide from others when they look at us? How can looking at ourselves both lead to narcissism and be a profound act of introspection?

Images of ourself can both humanize and dehumanize, elucidate and confound, reveal and conceal. In a modern world where more and more our own likeness is showcased these tensions are heightened. We photograph, and post our photos to Facebook, to showcase our intimate, very manicured, lives. Even when we Snapchat we use its ephemeral nature to play with how much we expose.

I hope that my work provides a useful starting point to investigate issues of our identity in relation to our images.