Hi, I'm Etan!

I grew up in Westchester, NY and studied computer science at Columbia University. After graduating college, I moved to San Francisco where I lived for three years. In July 2017 I moved back to New York to freelance as a software engineer.

My main passion is to create interactive multimedia art that forces people to think about how new technologies impact our humanity.

After spending some time in Silicon Valley I noticed that people frequently build new technologies by solving local problems, without considering its broader impact on our lives. Technologists solve the problem of how to order taxis on demand, without thinking about what happens when urban life relies on instant car services. I like using my technical skills to push back on the desire to build products just “because we can” and try to compel the creators to think through their social impact.

Professionally, I work as a freelance software engineer. Previously, I've worked at SquareBloomberg, Chartbeat and Yipit.

My hobbies include: swimming, reading and cooking. Some people’s work I’m inspired by (in no particular order) are Marshall McLuhan, René Magritte, Thomas Pynchon, Richard Rorty and Garry Winogrand.

If you're interested in chatting, send me an email. For other internet stalking you can find me on Twitter or LinkedIn.